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How GemStack Enabled Microsoft and LaunchCode to Empower Veterans Through Software Development Training

Microsoft & LaunchCode

Case Study

The Clients:

Microsoft, the multinational technology company known for its innovation and impactful software solutions, and LaunchCode, a non-profit organization committed to creating accessible pathways into technology jobs, partnered with the aim of addressing a particular hiring challenge. Microsoft, in need of specialized professionals to fill security-cleared engineering roles, recognized the untapped potential in transitioning military personnel and veterans. LaunchCode, on the other hand, was committed to making tech education and job opportunities accessible to this group. The stage was set, but the pathway to achieving their goal needed expertise and dedication.

The Challenge:

Transitioning military personnel and veterans brings a unique set of skills to the table - determination, adaptability, and the ability to work under pressure, to name a few. However, despite their potential, transitioning these skills into a career in technology presented a significant challenge. The difficulty lay not only in teaching these individuals software development skills but also in adjusting traditional training methods to accommodate their unique backgrounds and experiences. Moreover, given that these roles required security clearance, Microsoft's hiring pool was limited.

The main challenges included:

  1. Creating a comprehensive and effective training program to teach software development skills to transitioning military personnel and veterans.

  2. Adapting the training program to accommodate the unique background and experiences of the participants.

  3. Ensuring the successful placement of these individuals in roles requiring security clearance.

The Solution:

Recognizing this opportunity, GemStack partnered with Microsoft and LaunchCode to bridge the gap. GemStack's solution was a well-structured, immersive, and comprehensive software development training program, tailor-made to cater to the needs of Microsoft and the unique background of the candidates. This 18-week virtual boot camp focused on developing in-demand skills commonly used at Microsoft, including C#, Python, and Azure.

The Outcome:

The GemStack solution was a resounding success. The initiative achieved a 100% graduation rate, with all graduates securing roles at Microsoft. This achievement not only fulfilled Microsoft's need for security-cleared engineers but also demonstrated the potential of transitioning military personnel and veterans into tech roles.

Through GemStack's expertise and dedication, Microsoft and LaunchCode were able to realize their goal of creating a pathway for transitioning military personnel and veterans into technology jobs. This case serves as a testament to the potential of tech education in creating new career pathways and transforming lives.

If you're facing similar educational challenges or looking to empower your workforce, GemStack has the expertise and commitment to help you achieve your goals. Reach out to us today to learn how our solutions can help.

The Client

  • Microsoft and LaunchCode, two industry leaders, joined forces

  • Microsoft's goal was to fill roles requiring security clearance

  • LaunchCode's mission is to provide free tech education and job placement

The Challenge

  • Microsoft needed to fill security-cleared engineering roles

  • They sought to recruit from transitioning military personnel and veterans

  • The challenge lay in creating an effective training program to equip these individuals with software development skills

The Solution

  • GemStack designed and facilitated an 18-week software development virtual bootcamp

  • The program provided training in C#, Python, and Azure

  • The initiative achieved a 100% graduation rate, with all graduates securing roles at Microsoft

The Details

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